Adam Carer

Voice Assistant powered by AI

Adam is a voice assistant
for people with
Alzheimer’s Disease

Available on Amazon Alexa

How does Adam help?


Brain training

"Train my brain"

Train your brain every day just by your voice.


Voice reminders

"Remind me taking the pill at 4 pm"

Set an everyday notification just by your voice.


Familiar Voice

Coming soon!

Change the voice of the assistant to your own one.


Smart conversation

Coming soon!

Learn what you did 5 minutes ago.

Who is Adam for?

ADAM is designed for people with cognitive diseases and disorders. ADAM can be useful for elderly people or everyone who wants to train the brain.

The story

School project

Project Adam Carer started as a school project.

JIC Student Business Bootcamp

Winning Student Business Bootcamp at JIC Brno.

First project pitch

The first project pitch at event #mamnapad at JIC Brno.

TOP 10 by Vodafone Foundation

Chosen to top 10 in 75 startups by Vodafone Foundation.

Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade Prize

Winning special prize of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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Photo by Pinarto

Matěj Krček

18-year-old Student, Founder